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* In this course, you will learn how to write Android apps from scratch. * No prerequisite is required. * The obvious point about this course is that it is exercise-based to make sure you will understand and use the course materials correctly. * Also, we will use the latest version of Android Studio, because it has many changes in recent months. The Android platform is the fastest growing platform in the online world and our Android apps have been at the center of attraction for many businesses. The Android platform is believed to be governing 5 out of every 9 devices in the world; our demographics suggest that the Android platform has wider reach to the audiences that use a mobile device. Since the Android platform has evolved, we believe that there are many enterprises who would love to have an app developed for their business. So You want to Build Apps ? Then you are right place and you want to build apps at your on time , on your selected place from the comfort of home and you without having to read articles and books and you want see how the professional apps are created. In this course i will teach you from scratch to the Expert and This course will make you hero from zero. In this course i have taught from the very basic level to the advanced level.You will be able to build real world applications and lead the world with your innovative ideas to apps and you can earn from those apps. Why Learn Android ? There are 2.1 billion Android users and android has 88% of Market share and its growing day by day. Android is Ruling the Mobile World. What you’ll learn Introduction 1 Introduction 2 Setup Android Studio 3 Create Project 4 Android Manifest 5 Values(Colors,String,Style) 6 XML 7 Logical Vs Syntax Error (lOGCAT) Java 8 Data Types 9 For loop 10 If Else 11 Model Class Layouts & Widgets 12 Linear Layout 13 Relative Layout 14 Constraint Layout 15 TextView 16 EditText 17 Multiple Buttons Click 18 Send Data 1 activity o an other 19 ImageView 20 Send Image 1 activity o an other 21 WebView 22 Offline WebView 23 Margin & Padding 24 Weight 25 GridLayout 26 Table Layout 27 Menu 28 Menu SearchView 29 Navigation Drawer 30 Navigation Header and click Layout design 31 Shape 32 Strings 33 MultiScreen Layout 34 Multi Screen Image Practice With Layouts 35 Calculator App (PART 1& 2) 36 Radio button, switch, check box Dialog 37 Time Picker Dialog 38 Date Picker Dialog 39 Alert Dialog Box Views and UI Tools 40 Layout Inflater 41 ListView 42 Custom Listview 43 Click Listener ListView 44 GrdiView 45 GridView Click Listener 46 Spinner 47 RecyclerView 48 RecyclerView Click Listener SharedPrefernces 49 Sharedpreference 50 Login Password Save SqliteDatabase 51 OverView 52 Create Sqlite Database 53 Insert Data 54 Display Database 55 ListView SQLITE 56 Delete 57 Update Permissions, Handler, Thread 58 Handler 59 Splash Screen Handler 60 Thread 61 Thread Seekbar 62 Normal Permission 63 Runtime Permission Dialog box 64 Manual Permssion Enable Media Player 65 Audio Play 66 Audio Play Seekbar 67 VideoView 68 VideoView MediaController 69 VideoView Landscape 70 VideoView Signal bar remove 71 Url VideoView Api & Web Services 72 Api OverView 73 Json Introduction (Data Types) 74 Json Practice (Ecomerce App) 75 Model Classes Generate For Json Website 76 Model Class Generate For Json Manualy 77 Offline Json Data Get 78 Get Json  from web url 79 Json Data in ListView Firebase 80 Overview 81 Create Project Firebase 82 Firebase Connect With app 83 Realtime Database Create 84 Insert Data realtime database 85 Insert Data realtime database Node 86 Single Data Show Realtime 87 Multiple Data Show Realtime 88 Delete Data realtime 89 Update realtime 90 Storage Firebase (Insert) 91 Storage Firebase (Display) 92 FireStore Data Insert 93 FireStore Data Display 94 Firebase Authentication 95 Firebase Notification MySql 96 OverView Setup 97 Create Database & Tables 98 Local host file Access 99 Convert table Data in json using php 100 Display Data in java 101 ListView Data in java 102 Insert Script Php 103 Insert Data in mysql 104 Cpanel OverView 105 Delete Data Script 106 Delete data mysql 107 Update Data Script 108 Update data mysql Important Dependencies 109 Glide 110 Picasso 111 PhotoView 112 PdfView Admob Ads 113 OverView 114 Banner Ads 115 Intersitial Ads 116 Native Ads 117 VideoReward Ads Projects 1. Book app using pdf 2. Wallpaper app firestore 3. Poetry Status App Realtime 4. Movies Rating App using Api 5. Story App using MYSQL

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Its Introductory Lecture

In This Section we Will Learn Bout Installation and Configuration of Android Studio

  • Setup Android Studio 11min 11sec
  • Create Project 10min 24sec
  • Values(Colors,String,Style) 8min 3sec
  • XML 3min 25sec
  • Logical Vs Syntax Error (lOG CAT) 6min 2sec

In The Section we will learn basics of java

  • Data Types 11min 34sec
  • For loop 3min 40sec
  • If Else 3min 25sec
  • Model Class 5min 32sec

In This Section we will learn about layout and widgets of android studio

  • Linear Layout 11min 20sec
  • Relative Layout 9min 55sec
  • Constraint Layout 7min 19sec
  • TextView 13min 39sec
  • EditText 6min 39sec
  • Multiple Buttons Click 7min 11sec
  • Send Data 1 activity o an other 12min 5sec
  • ImageView 5min 46sec
  • Send Image 1 activity o an other 6min 1sec
  • WebView 4min 51sec
  • Offline WebView 6min 58sec
  • Margin & Padding 4min 33sec
  • Weight 8min 15sec
  • GridLayout 5min 13sec
  • CardView 9min 40sec
  • Table Layout 6min 6sec
  • Menu 7min 1sec
  • Menu SearchView 11min 56sec
  • Navigation Drawer 11min 41sec
  • Navigation Header and click 9min 1sec

In This Section we will learn about Layout Designs

  • Shape 12min 10sec
  • Strings 11min 21sec
  • MultiScreen Layout 8min 54sec
  • Multi Screen Image 7min 25sec

In this section we will practice with layouts

  • Calculator App PART 1 18min 20sec
  • Calculator App PART 2 11min 11sec
  • Radio button, switch, check box 20min 1sec

In This Section we will learn about UI Tools And Views

  • Layout Inflater 8min 46sec
  • ListView 11min 31sec
  • Custom Listview 21min 5sec
  • Click Listener ListView 9min 56sec
  • GrdiView 14min 56sec
  • GridView Click Listener 5min 15sec
  • Spinner 8min 47sec
  • RecyclerView 18min 1sec
  • RecyclerView Click Listener 6min 5sec

We Will Learn About Dialog of android studio in this section

  • Time Picker Dialog 11min 14sec
  • Date Picker Dialog 5min 41sec
  • Alert Dialog Box 6min 54sec

We Will Learn About Shared Preferences

  • Sharedpreference 18min 30sec
  • Login Password Save 12min 7sec

In This Section we will learn about Sqlite Database

  • OverView 12min 5sec
  • Create Sqlite Database 13min 3sec
  • Insert Data 10min 25sec
  • Display Database 14min 16sec
  • ListView SQLITE 14min 4sec
  • Delete 10min 15sec
  • Update 12min 50sec

In This Section we will learn about permissions , handler and thread

  • Handler 3min 16sec
  • Splash Screen Handler 8min 5sec
  • Thread 3min 5sec
  • Thread Seekbar 15min 2sec
  • Normal Permission 4min 22sec
  • Manual Permission Enable 5min 31sec
  • Runtime Permission Dialog box 21min 49sec

We Will Learn About Media Player

  • Audio Play 6min 22sec
  • Audio Play Seekbar 12min 46sec
  • VideoView 5min 43sec
  • VideoView MediaController 4min 7sec
  • VideoView Landscape 3min 46sec
  • VideoView Signal bar remove 2min 28sec
  • Url VideoView 1min 37sec

Learn About Api's And Web Services

  • Api OverView 6min 45sec
  • Json Introduction (Data Types) 12min 35sec
  • Json Practice (Ecomerce App) 5min 46sec
  • Model Classes Generate For Json Website 6min 11sec
  • Model Class Generate For Json Manually 3min 33sec
  • Offline Json Data Get 24min 21sec
  • Get Json from web url 18min 38sec
  • Json Data in ListView 14min 8sec

In This Section We Will Learn About Firebase

  • Overview 6min 33sec
  • Create Project Firebase 6min 21sec
  • Firebase Connect With app 5min 16sec
  • Firebase Realtime Data Insert 13min 53sec
  • Firebase Realtime Data Insert in Structure 9min 16sec
  • Display Sigle Data read realtime 15min 21sec
  • Display Multiple Data fetch in model class realtime database 8min 16sec
  • Delete Realtime Database 11min 9sec
  • Update Realtime Database 8min 19sec
  • Firebase Storage image upload 29min 22sec
  • Firebase Storage Image Fetch 4min 22sec
  • FireStore Data Insert 20min 48sec
  • FireStore Data Read 14min 19sec
  • Firebase Authentication 13min 30sec

In this Section we will learn about MySql Database

  • MySql Overview 7min 5sec
  • Create Database and Table 8min 59sec
  • Convert Table data into json MySql 21min 22sec
  • MySql Data Read json 22min 27sec
  • MySql Data read in listView 23min 46sec
  • Data Insert Script 10min 22sec
  • Data insert in mysql 19min 7sec
  • Data Delete Script 2min 34sec
  • Data Delete in mysql 5min 51sec
  • Data update script 6min 30sec
  • Data Update in mysql 7min 19sec
  • Localhost files access 5min 28sec
  • Cpanel php myadmin overview 9min 19sec

In This Section We Will Learn About Some Important Dependencies

  • Glide 13min 7sec
  • Picasso 8min 3sec
  • PhotoView 5min 45sec
  • PdfView 5min 55sec

In This Section We Will Learn About Admob Ads Integration

  • OverView 7min 10sec
  • Banner Ads 6min 13sec
  • Interstitial Ads 6min 39sec
  • VideoReward Ads 9min 18sec
  • Native Ads 10min 30sec

In This Section you will learn about how you can make a complete Pdf Book App

  • 1. App Demo 1min 52sec
  • 2. Project Setup 8min 49sec
  • 3. Data Show in ListView 15min 11sec
  • 4. ListView Click Lister 6min 10sec
  • 5. Privacy _ About 9min 3sec
  • 6. Navigation Drawer 15min 55sec
  • 7. integrate ads 12min 2sec
  • 8. Splash Screen 16min 12sec
  • 9. App Colors and icon set 7min 44sec

In This Section We Will Learn About How to Build A Complete App using Real time Database Of Firebase

  • 1. Project Demo 1min 46sec
  • 2. Project Create 8min 33sec
  • 3. Firebase Connect 6min 13sec
  • 4. Fetch data 6min 15sec
  • 5. Data in listView 20min 43sec
  • 6. Share,Copy Buttons 17min 2sec
  • 7. Share,Copy Code 23min 50sec
  • 8. Navigation Drawer 27min 36sec
  • 9. Splash Screen 5min 49sec
  • 10. Admob Ads 13min 8sec

We Will Build A Wallpaper App using Fire Store

  • 1. Project Demo 1min 38sec
  • 2. Project Setup 8min 7sec
  • 3. Firebase Connection 8min 25sec
  • 4. FireStore data get from array 11min 39sec
  • 5. Data Show in gridVIew 14min 1sec
  • 6. GridView to ViewPager 17min 44sec
  • 7. Navbar 8min 40sec
  • 8. Navbar CLick Listener 7min 54sec
  • 9. Splash Screen 6min 10sec

We Will Learn To Build Complete App using API

  • 1. Project Demo 1min 0sec
  • 2. Generate Api Key 3min 58sec
  • 3. Project Setup 7min 49sec
  • 4. Model Classes 8min 49sec
  • 5. DataService _ Retrofit Instance 4min 57sec
  • 6. Data get from api 8min 2sec
  • 7. Data Show in gridView 21min 40sec
  • 8. Swipe Refresh 12min 4sec
  • 9. Data Send CustomAdapter to activity 8min 12sec
  • 10. Data Set 15min 11sec
  • 11. Navigation Drawer 18min 6sec
  • 12. Splash Screen 4min 25sec

Will Make a Story App

  • 1. Demo App 1min 16sec
  • 2. Database Create 5min 37sec
  • 3. Make API and Get Json 16min 42sec
  • 4. Project Setup 9min 24sec
  • 5. Data fetch from json 13min 47sec
  • 6. Data Add in Model Class 3min 16sec
  • 7. Data Show in listView 17min 30sec
  • 8. ListView Cick listener and send data 7min 36sec
  • 9. Data Set 19min 57sec
  • 10. Navigation Drawer 9min 57sec
  • 11. Navigation Click Listener 8min 28sec
  • 12. SplashScreen 6min 8sec
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